I am a person who loves everything about art. Graphic design, photography even music is all everything that I love a lot since years ago.


My interest of entertainment started in 2000, where in frequent I entered club to club and enjoying played music. Started from “like” and finally observed and learned it as a whole. And I love it very much.


Making and planning concept of a program, talent managing, and event organizing are things that I used to take in control. During 2004–2006, I started to set up an event organizer. In that event organizer, I start learned and mastered all about entertainment. That’s not a baffle if I like and enjoy this entertainment business.


In 2007, I make a concept, a DJ community which has DJ studio, DJ course, DJ management and Party Organizer as a unity inside.


Next on 2008, this concept been realized as a creation which been given a name is RDJ [Rumah DJ]. Here, I also have a special affinity of profession as a DJ until I decide to seriously mastering this profession. Caused by observe and following the blooming of entertainment industry, not only make me as talent, then I also start to make a method of teaching in mastering of DJ set ‘til finally I become a teacher in RDJ. Furthermore, now I also start to produce a song.


Trance, Techno and Progressive indeed are music genres which I played. Extraordinary of music selection and technical of mixing are reason why people fond me lot. Inspiring by local and international DJ then make me select and play all kind of music which I like.


I love TRANCE…