As an avid music fan since he was very young,Ilham started collection music from various genre like new wave,rock,funk&disco. He began his music career when he was in high school,joining retro band as a drum player,heavily in fluenced by lots of bands such as level,red hot chilli pepper,stone temple pilots and soon.He also some musician from prominent top pop musician.


As a DJ Ilham started his career year 2011,playing house,progresif,techhouse and trance,spinning in the green kemang Jakarta.Ilham has commited in showing his DJ skills an making a name for himself in Indonesia dance scene.


Being in fluenced by well – known Djs such as AGIPRANA & VENDA ARYADI , ilham has gained experience of spinning at some prominent club like the teebox club Jakarta,attic’s club,ampere 59 club Jakarta and all over Indonesia playing a long side world class Dj’s such as Joachim this prestigious experience makes him more nature & open as his way to join big names of dance scene, so pray attention, ilham gonna rock the dance floor.