To my perspective, life is full of diversity. That is why I have myself full of variety. Creative and innovative has been a habit to me, which was why most people think that I am creative.


In 2005, in a major event in Jakarta featuring DJ Tiesto, I had my interest attracted to the music he played. That was the momentum when I first involved in the nightlife.


In 2008, to satisfy my curiosity to the DJ world, I started to look for a place where I can learn and get involve with DJ life. I finally landed in a place called RDJ in south Jakarta. I was assured that this is the only proper place to learn about DJ-ing.


After 2 months of learning, I managed to expertise almost all the techniques of DJ-ing. Less then a month later, I mastered my skills through a performance.


I like house music, soulfull, progressive house, and I play all in my performanced. I like those genres for its characteristic that is full of variety and not boring, which makes me enjoying my every performance.


Those music are the reflection of the real me, full of variety….. creative.