I am a person who loves all things about entertainment, specially music.


My interest will be musical entertainment begins in 1996 in which I shared withmy friends like watching a live band at the cafes in Jakarta and Bandung as well as directing the concert band from a foreign country.


In 2003 my brother and his friend Venda took me to the club to enjoy music played by disc jockeys. At that time I became interested in the music played by disc jockey, because I think this is a new thing in the world of music entertainment.


In the year 2007 my friend Venda establish an organization called the RDJ who is move in dj school and management and invited me to join him. Since then I began to learn and obtain dj music entertainment world.


House, techno, trance and progressive house is a genre of music I play. Mixing techniques and play different than others makes me special and loved by clubbers.